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Longmeadow, MA
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                                                                     Coach Dave "Stocky" Stockwell     1975 - 1981

1975     14  -  1  STATE CHAMPS
1976     14  -  2  STATE CHAMPS
1977     19  -  0  STATE CHAMPS
1978     16  -  5
1979     19  -  2  STATE CHAMPS
1980     17  -  3  STATE CHAMPS
1981     20  -  0  STATE CHAMPS

TOTAL  119  - 13


From the 1978 Longmeadow Lacrosse Program - Handbook

      To see Stocky stalking along the sidelines, and to hear the man of the legendary lungs exhorting his players, is part of the Longmeadow lacrosse scene at game time. For Dave Stockwell, Varsity Coach of the Longmeadow Lacrosse Lancers since 1975, is an enthusiastic ex-player himself who does just about everything but take the field with his team. He plots plays, shouts advice, threatens vengeance, alternately pleads and praises -- all while setting his own rapid, restless pace up and down the long white line. His boys seem to love it, and have responded to non-stop Stocky's training and teaching techniques, as well as to his sideline orchestration, by handing him three straight state titles and a record of 47 wins and three losses.
      Dave Stockwell played two years as a defenseman at Governor Drummer Academy, South Byfield, Massachusetts and one year at Harvard, until an eye injury terminated his playing career. After earning his A.B. at Harvard, he added a Masters in Education from Westfield State College, and was awarded a National Science Foundation grant for work during four summers at the University of Vermont. A native of Newburyport, Massachusetts, Stocky served a two-year hitch in the U.S. Army, and spent another two years at Gulf Oil Corporation before coming to Holyoke High School in 1964, and subsequently to Longmeadow High School in 1968, to teach Math.   
      Longmeadow lacrosse actually started during Stocky's first year at the high school, when he joined Varsity Coach Bill McCullough, another teacher at the school who had played and loved the game, as Assistant Coach. Together they pooled their knowledge and talents, and introduced lacrosse as a club sport, using borrowed equipment from Williams College. “Interest was high, right from the start," says Stocky. "and we were off!" When McCullough moved on, Stocky moved up, and Longmeadow's upstart, record-breaking teams continued to make more seasoned champions move over!
      A Longmeadow resident since 1970, Dave's hobbies include reading and tennis, but "No contest," he states, "Lax is my first love." Dave claims that the rest of his family, wife Dot and daughters Sharon and Diane, also "live and die" with the team during the excitement of the lacrosse months. Indeed, Dot attends most of the games and is supportive in many ways -- the most obvious one being the upkeep of those good-luck yellow pants that Stocky sports for crucial games.
      But whether in his triumphant trousers or his sweat suit, each new “Sticks Up!” season in Longmeadow turns Stocky into a sidelines stomper again, and a growing gallery of lacrosse watchers into faithful fans of a team that, winning or losing, knows how to play a great game well.