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Longmeadow, MA
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LONGMEADOW   7   /   MINNECHAUG     8                      6/7/12    (WESTERN MASS SEMI-FINALS)                                      FINAL RECORD 17-5

The season came to an early end Thursday with a playoff loss to Minnechaug on the turf at East Longmeadow High School. The loss puts the Lancer record at 17-5 for the season. It was a close, hard fought game from start to finish, but credit needs to go to Minnechaug for battling hard and preventing a third loss this season to the Lancers. Good luck to all of our graduating seniors. Special thanks to our entire coaching staff who did a great job during a difficult season.
Have a safe and enjoyable summer vacation!

Goals:   E. Barsalou (3), Dylan Kelleher (2), K.Dudeck (1), R. Keator (1).  
Asst:     Dylan Kelleher (2), K. Dudeck  (1)
Saves: G. Lafountain (7)

LONGMEADOW   10   /   NORTHAMPTON     7                      6/5/12    (WESTERN MASS QTR FINALS)

In typical Lancer fashion this year, they spotted their opponent a 2 goal lead after 1 quarter of play.  This lead remained after 2 quarters with Northampton leading by a score of 4-6. With the start of the second half it was all Longmeadow, going on a 5-0 run with goals from Barsalou, Kelleher, Leveillee, Dudeck, and McDonough. Throughout the game the Lancer dominated face-offs winning 75% or better of them. Kudos goes to Drew Kelleher for doing this dirty work, which allowed the Lancers to gain possession of the ball, for the majority of the game.  Drew also assisted on 2 fast break goals from the winning of these face-offs. Overall it wasn’t a pretty win with many turnovers and sloppy play, but a win is a win.  Lancers play Minnechaug this Thursday at American International College.
Goals:  D. McDonough (3), Dylan Kelleher (3), E. Barsalou (2), B. Leveillee (1), K.Dudeck (1).  
Asst:  E. Barsalou (2), Dylan Kelleher (2), Drew Kelleher (2), R. Keator (1), K. Dudeck  (1), D. McDonough (1).
Saves: G. Lafountain (13).

LONGMEADOW   4   /   WESTFIELD     3                                5/24/12

The final game of the regular season was a defensive battle. The Lancers begin the Memorial Day weekend with a 4-3 win over the bombers on the turf at Westfield State. Next up are the Western Mass Playoffs. Details to follow................GO LANCERS!

Goals:  Dylan Kelleher, McDonough, Dudeck, Smith 
Asst:    Whitney
Saves:   G. Lafountain (9)

LONGMEADOW   9   /   SOUTH HADLEY     8                                5/21/12

With five minutes left in the game and down by a score of 5-8 the Lancers rallied for 4 goals to beat South Hadley 9-8.  Leading the charge during this 5 minute span were junior middies Keegan Dudeck and Eric Barsalou. Dudeck accounted for 2 goals and Barsalou 1 goal and 2 assists. With the score tied 8-8 the Lancers gained possession of the ball with 19 seconds left in the game. Senior captain Connor Samuelson pushes the ball down the middle of the field, as time winds down on the clock. Dudeck setting up at left point receives the pass from Samuelson and rips a low bounce shot into the lower right corner of the net, GAME OVER. This victory tightens up the Valley Wheel conference with South Hadley and Longmeadow tied for first place, with 8-2 records.  The Lancers finish regular season play Thursday night against the Bombers of Westfield. GO LANCERS!
Goals:  D. McDonough (2), K. Dudeck (2), E. Barsalou (2), B. Leveillee (1), J. Mentor (1), F. Elder (1).  
Asst:    E. Barsalou (2), Dylan Kelleher (1), F. Elder (1), M. Smith (1), C. Samuelson (1).
Saves: G. Lafountain (10).

LONGMEADOW   15   /   MINNECHAUG     6                              5/18/12

What started out as a competitive game, ended up a tad bit lopsided.  The  Lancers ended the 1st half with a 4-3 lead over the Falcons, but the 2nd half was a different story.  The Lancers went on an 11-3 run during the 2nd half, which was spearheaded by seniors Dylan Kelleher and Dan McDonough.  These two attackmen combined, accounted for 16 total points. Kelleher tallied six goals and four assists and McDonough five goals and 1 assist.  The Lancers fast break appeared today, which lead to many quick pretty goals. The up tempo play suits the Lancers well, with plenty of experience within the attackmen ranks. Looking ahead to Westfield and South Hadley next week, this type of play just might be what’s needed.

Goals:   Dylan Kelleher (6),  D. McDonough (5), B. Leveillee (1), K. Dudeck (1), R. Keator (1), J. Mentor (1), M. Smith (1)
Asst:    Dylan Kelleher (4), D McDonough (1), B. Leveillee (1), K. Dudeck (1), Drew Kelleher (1) C. Whitney (1)
Saves:  G. Lafountain (12)

LONGMEADOW   12   /   ST. JOHN'S SHREWSBURY    5               5/16/12

Senior Captain Dylan Kelleher scores 6 goals and leads the Lancers to their 13th win of the season.  The Lancers did it right, this time, going on top of St. John’s 4-0 after the first period and never looked back.  Reid Leveillee had a great defensive game for the Lancers who clogged up the crease area and prevented easy shots on goal.   Assisting Dylan Kelleher on 4 of his goal was fellow attackmen Dan McDonough.   All in all a solid win for the Lancers.  The Lancers next test will be Friday, senior night, against an improving Minnechaug team.
Goals:  Dylan Kelleher (6), B. Leveillee (2), K. Dudeck (1), D. McDonough (1), J. Mentor (1), T. McCarthy (1).
Asst:    D McDonough (4), B. Leveillee (1), K. Dudeck (1), M. Smith (1).
Saves:  G. Lafountain (10).

LONGMEADOW   10   /   NORTHAMPTON   6                        5/14/12

It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win.  After falling behind 0-3 early in the first quarter the Lancers were able to take advantage of many unsettled situations, ending the first half with a 5-3 lead. Eric Barsalou scored 2 of these goals on nice hard shots from the right point.  Dylan Kelleher did a nice job distributing the ball around, accounting four 4 of the games 6 assists.  The Lancers will have to get their offense tuned up for Wednesday’s game against St. Johns of Shrewsbury.
Goals:   D. McDonough (4), Dylan Kelleher (3), E. Barsalou (2). J Mentor (1).
Asst:    Dylan Kelleher (4), D. McDonough (1), M. Smith (1).
Saves:   G. Lafountain (14)

LONGMEADOW   9   /   WESTON, CT   8    (2 OT)                   5/12/12
What started out to be a very long day ended up being a nail biter, with the Lancers winning in double OT. After the first half of sloppy play the Lancers found themselves down 6-1, with continued poor play, similar to the Amherst game of last week.  The second half started out with a quick goal by Myles Smith from a nice feed from Dylan Kelleher.  From that point on the goals kept coming, with the tying goal coming with only 5 seconds left in the game.  Scoring the tying goal was Dan McDonough from a feed from Dylan Kelleher. At the end of regulation play the game was deadlocked at 8-8. During the second half comeback the Lancers defense decided to show up, only allowing 2 goals the entire 2nd half. Longmeadow continued their battle in overtime and had more than a couple opportunities of putting it away earlier, but it was most appropriate to have Keegan Dudeck end it with his 3rd goal of the game.  It was a strong dodge down the right side and a hard shot finding the upper corner of the net, game over. Lancers win 9-8 ending a very difficult week on a high note.
Goals:   Dudeck (3), McDonough (2), Dylan Kelleher, B. Leveillee, McCarthy, Smith
Asst:    Dylan Kelleher (2)
Saves:   Lafountain (14)

LONGMEADOW   7   /   AMHERST   15                                    5/8/12
We’ve seen pretty and we've seen ugly but this game was pretty ugly.  The Hurricanes owned the crease today, getting point blank shot on goal, all day long.  I’m sitting here typing this game summary, trying to figure out what happened today.  Was it the weather?  Doubt it! The only good thing today was face-off specialist Drew Kelleher winning 70% of his face-offs. Kudos’ to Drew.  Today’s leading scorer was K Dudeck with 2 goals. The Lancers now have 3 days to get their defense ready to face the 10-3 Weston High Wildcats. 
Goals:   Dudeck (2), McDonough, Dylan Kelleher, Lukas, Barsalou, Smith
Asst:    Dylan Kelleher (2), Lukas, R. Leveillee, Mentor
Saves:   Lafountain (7)

LONGMEADOW   7    /    MEDFIELD   12                                      5/6/12
It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, in Medfield, with many Longmeadow youth players and fans cheering on the Lancers against the always tough Medfield Warriors. First half action was back and forth on both ends of the field, with each team keeping the game tight.  It was the Lancer midfielders leading the scoring today with 6 of the 7 goals. John Mentor and Frankie Elder tallied 2 goals apiece in leading the Lancer fight. With the game tied 6-6 early in the 3rd quarter, some excellent defense and careless handling of the ball lead to two fast breaks goals for the Medfield Warriors, putting Medfield ahead 8-6. A lead they would hold onto the rest of the way. The Lancers battled the entire game but came up short at the end of the day.  
Goals:    Mentor (2), Elder (2), Kennedy, Dudeck, McDonough
Asst:      Dylan Kelleher, B. Leveillee, Keator, Mentor
Saves:    Lafountain (14)

LONGMEADOW   18    /    WEST SPRINGFIELD    7                              5/4/12
This game did not start pretty but it sure ended up as a solid victory for the Lancers. The Lancers spotted the Terriers a 3 goal lead early in the first quarter, going down by a score of 4-1. Coming out of a 1st quarter time out the Lancers got the offense going ending the first quarter with a 4-4 tie. The next three quarters were all Lancers only allowing 3 additional goals to the Terriers the rest of the way.  Final score Longmeadow 18 West Side 7. Drew Kelleher dominated face-offs allowing the Lancers to maintain possession of the ball most of the game.
Goals:     McDonogh (4), Dylan Kelleher (3), B. Leveillee (3), Keator (2), Barsalou, Kennedy, Dudeck, Mentor, Lukas, Drew Kelleher 
Asst:      Dudeck (3), B Leveillee (3), Dylan Kelleher (2), McDonough (2), Barsalou, Elder,  Neil 
Saves:   Lafountain (6), Draymore (4).

LONGMEADOW   7    /    SOUTH HADLEY    13                                  5/2/12
There’s not a whole bunch that can be said about today’s game.  The Lancer’s offense was non-existent today and the South Hadley Tigers came to play.  South Hadley dominated every aspect of todays game. Defensively, they were one step ahead of the Lancer offense knocking down passes and shots.
Goals: Dylan Kelleher (3), McDonogh (2), Keator, Elder
Asst:  Dylan Kelleher, McDonough, Keator, Dudeck
Saves: G. Lafountain (3)


LONGMEADOW  9   /  WESTFIELD   8                                                        4/30/12
Lacrosse is all about ground balls, passing and catching all of which the Lancers had a hard time executing today. Talk about coming out flat.  The Lancers were by far the more skilled team but found a way to play down to their competition. Hey it happens from time to time, let’s just put this one past us.  The games deciding goal was scored by Dylan Kelleher with an assist from Bennett Leiveillee.  Leading scorers today were Dylan Kelleher (2), Dan McDonough (2), and Eric Barsalou (2).

Goals: Dylan Kelleher (2), McDonogh (2), Barsalou (2), Kennedy, Keator, B. Leveillee
Asst:  Dylan Kelleher, McDonough, Keator, B. Leveillee, Kennedy 
Saves: Lafountain (3), Gurzenski (6).

LONGMEADOW  8   /  ALGONQUIN   9  (OT)                                                          4/28/12

The last time Algonquin and Longmeadow played was the 2011 state semi-finals, which also ended in a 9-8 overtime loss for the Lancers. The defenses for both teams played extremely well, this day.  The Lancers out shot their opponents today but were unable to take advantage of the many great looks they had. Leading scorers today were Captain Dylan Kelleher (3), Dan McDonough (2) and Eric Barsolou (2).

Goals:   Dylan Kelleher (3), McDonough (2), Barsalou (2), Elder

Assists:  Dylan Kelleher, Mentor, Dudeck, B. Leveillee 
Saves: LaFountain (9)

LONGMEADOW  11   /  EAST LONGMEADOW   3                                                   4/26/12

An improving LHS squad easily handled East Longmeadow by a score of 11 to 3 on a cloudy Thursday afternoon in Longmeadow. The game was never in doubt.  The Lancers out shot the Spartans by a 3 to 1 margin and had continued pressure on the Spartans goalies throughout the game. Leading the offense today were Dylan Kelleher (7 pts) and Dan McDonough (4 pts).

Goals:   Dylan Kelleher (3), McDonough (3), B. Leveillee, McCarthy, Drew Kelleher, Lukas, Smith

Assists:  Dylan Kelleher (4), Barsalou (2), McDonough 
Saves: LaFountain (3), Gurzenski (2), Draymore (2)

LONGMEADOW  14   /  PINKERTON ACADEMY  9                                                   4/21/12
April vacation week just got a little better with Saturday’s 14-9 victory over Pinkerton Academy.  The offense was balanced today getting 7 goals apiece from the mids and the attack.  Leading the middies today were Keegan Dudeck (3) and Eric Barsalou (2).  At attack, it was senior Captain Dylan Kelleher (4) and Bennett Leveillee (3) tallying all 7 goals. Down by a score of 5-2 at half time, the Lancers scored the next 4 goals to go up by a score of 6-5 and never looked back.  Sophomore Drew Kelleher did a fantastic job winning a high percentage of his face offs today.  All in all a solid team effort today. Lancers improve their record to 7-0.
Goals:   Dylan Kelleher (4), K. Dudeck (3), Bennett Leveillee (3), E. Barsalou (2), S. Kennedy (1), R. Keator (1).

Assists:  J. Mentor (2), R. Keator (1), K. Dudeck (1), F. Elder (1)
Saves: LaFountain (10)

LONGMEADOW  11   /  MINNECHAUG  6                                                                 4/19/12
In a battle of unbeatens, the Lancers used a strong second half to pull away from a very good Minnechaug squad. Final score 11 - 6. With the victory, the Lancers improve to 6 - 0 on the season and will now prepare for Saturday's big game vs New Hampshire powerhouse Pinkerton Academy.
Goals:   B. Leveillee (3), Dudeck (2),  Elder, McDonough, Dylan Kelleher, Mentor, Keator
Assists:  Drew Kelleher (2), McDonough, Dylan Kelleher, Mentor, B. Leveillee, R. Leveillee, McCarthy
Saves: LaFountain (9)

LONGMEADOW  7   /  NORTHAMPTON  5                                                                 4/17/12
The Lancers were lucky today with a 7-5 victory over a much improved Northampton team.  Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers, was the name of the game for most of the first half.  The Lancers defense played well again today lead by seniors Connor Samuelson and Colin Whitney.  Year to date the Lancers defense is allowing only 3.4 goals per game.  Let’s consider today’s game as an off day for the Lancer offense and give the defense their due credit in securing today’s victory. Lancers go to 5-0 after today’s win and play the 6-0 Falcons of Minnechaug Thursday afternoon.
Goals:   Elder (2) McDonough (1), Dylan Kelleher (1), McCarthy (1), Dudeck (1), Kennedy (1)
Assists: McDonough (3), Kelleher (1), Neil (1)
Saves: LaFountain (7)

W  16   /  CATHEDRAL  2                                                                 4/13/12

On a sunny Friday afternoon in Longmeadow, the offense got up to speed early and whipped up on Cathedral by a score of 16-2.  The Lancers improve their record to 4-0 with today’s victory.  The scoring was spread between 10 different offensive players with the biggest point totals coming from the senior attack line of Dan McDonough, Dylan Kelleher and Jack Neil, accounting for 16 of the 27 points tallied.
Goals:   McDonough (4), Dylan Kelleher (3), Neil (2), B. Leveille  (2), Kennedy (2) Mentor,  Barsalou, Keator
Assists: Dylan Kelleher (4), McDonough (2), Smith (2), Keator, Neil, Lukas
Saves: LaFountain (4), Gurzenski (1), Draymore (2)

LONGMEADOW  16   /  AGAWAM  0                                                                      4/9/12

Lancers moved to 3-0 after lopsided victory over Agawam on Russell Fields. It was an extremely sloppy game on both sides but all Longmeadow in the end.

Goals:     Dylan Kelleher (4), Dudeck (2), McDonough (2), Neil (2), Mentor, Elder, Barsalou, Smith, Lukas, Yam
Assists:   Kennedy (3), McDonough (2), Barsalou (2), Dudeck (2), Dylan Kelleher, B. Leveillee, Keator, Drew Kelleher, Ryan

Saves:     LaFountain (4), Gurzenski (1), Draymore (2)

LONGMEADOW  10   /  AMHERST  4                                                                       4/5/12

Lancers improved their record to 2-0 this afternoon with a classic Lancer victory over the Canes of Amherst.  From start to finish, the Lancers were all business today dominating every aspect of the game.  Keegan Dudeck was unstoppable, finding the back of the net 4 times.  Glenn LaFountain, goalie, played extremely well, shutting the door on the Canes’ offensive.  Also leading the Lancers on attack were Dylan Kelleher and Dan McDonough both netting 2 goals each.  All and all it was a solid 10-4 Lancer victory.
Dudeck (4), McDonough (2), Dylan Kelleher (2), Kennedy, C. Samuelson,
Assists:   McDonough, Barsalou, Dylan Kelleher, Mentor, Kennedy

The season has begun! 

LONGMEADOW  19   /  WEST SPRINGFIELD  6                                                       4/2/12

The Lancers began their 2012 season with a home victory over the Terriers of West Springfield.  Lancers got off to a poor start showing some early season rust.  The first half included sloppy play and a penalty filled first quarter which resulted in a 5-4 Lancer advantage.  The Lancers changed gears in the 3rd quarter with a 9 goal barrage and ended the 3rd quarter leading 13-5. The Lancers scoring attack was led by Senior Attackmen, Dylan Kelleher and Danny McDonough. The Lancers cruised through the 4th quarter and walked off Russell Field with their first victory of the year.  Final score 19-7.
Goals:   McDonough (4), Dylan Kelleher (4), Dudeck (2), Lukas (2), Mentor, Elder, Barsalou, B. Leveille, Keator, Smith, Chipouras
Assists:  Dudeck (3), Drew Kelleher (2), McDonough, Keator
Saves: LaFountain 10