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Longmeadow, MA
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LONGMEADOW  14  BEVERLY  6                         06/15/2015  (STATE SEMI-FINAL)

Lancers are now one game away from completing their mission. It was all business today for the Lancers who dominated every aspect of the game from start to finish. This season has never been about one person, but one team and one goal.  Longmeadow dominated face-offs, ground balls, shots, and team intensity. There is no need to single any defensive or offensive player out today. This season is all about TEAM.  Lancers now play Medfield Friday night as they go for their 20th State Championship in Boys Lacrosse. GO LANCERS. DO IT!

Goals: Will Lukas (5), Kevin Hussey (4), Matt DeMarche (1), Noah Skole (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Max Stukalin (1), Kris Campbell(1).

Asst: Max Stukalin (3), Matt DeMarche (2), Will Lukas (2), Kyle Gagne (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (9).


LONGMEADOW 15 / ALGONQUIN 9                      6/12/2015      (PLAYOFFS)

The Lancers hit their stride today and dominated play against the Algonquin Tomahawks.  Longmeadow’s 15-9 win today improves their overall record to 21-3. Max Stukalin led all scorers with 5 goals. Playing well between restraining lines was Colin McClure and Kyle Gagne always looking to push forward. Defensively the team played well limiting the Tomahawks shots on goal. Longmeadow now plays in the state semi-final game on Monday the 15th against Beverly High School.

Goals: Max Stukalin (5), Will Lukas (3), Matt DeMarche (2), Kris Campbell (2), Kevin Hussey (1), Colin McClure (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Asst: Kyle Gagne (2), Will Lukas (2), Matt DeMarche (1), Colin McClure (1). Connor Ostander (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (4)


LONGMEADOW  8  /  ST JOHN’S  7   (OT)              6/10/15  (PLAYOFFS) 

It was a breezy Wednesday evening, in Longmeadow  with many Longmeadow youth players and fans cheering on the Lancers against the always tough St. John’s of Srewsberry team. The Lancers go into halt-time with a 6-2 lead and all was good.  During the 2nd half the Lancers offense sputtered and with 4 minutes left in the game the Lancers now trailed 6-7. The game would soon become knotted on a superb move by Will Lukas, the junior captain dodged hard from X and with the quickest of insides spins found an opened and scores the tying goal with 3:10 left in the game. The game would go into OT and with just 2.5 seconds left in the game it was Captain Will Lukas sprinting from X and scoring the game winner


Goals:   Will Lukas (3), Kyle Gagne (1),Will Lukas (1), Isaac Chase (1), Nick Crews (1), Kris Campbell (1).
Asst:    Kyle Gagne (1), Isaac Chase (1), Pat Abad (1).

Saves:  Matt Pierson (10).



LONGMEADOW 14 / DOHERTY  3                      6/5/15  (PLAYOFF)

Lancers dominated this game from start to finish. It was an average performance at best for the Lancers.  Longmeadow lacked intensity in this game, which was clearly evident in their clearing game.  Usually Longmeadow clears the ball 85% of the time, today’s game 57%. Longmeadow will need to step it up big time against St. John’s on Tuesday. Kevin Hussey accounted for three Lancer goals and Max Stukalin 3 assist for the Lancers.

Goals: Kevin Hussey (3), Will Lukas (2), Kris Campbell (2), Brian wiles (2), Casey Samuelson (1), Max Stukalin (1), A. Pierre Pierre, (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Dom Santinello (1).   

Asst: Max Stukalin (3), Will Lukas (2), Kris Campbell (1), Brian Wiles (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Isaac Chase (1), Dan Cotnoir (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (6).


LONGMEADOW 17 / PITTSFIELD  0                     6/3/15      (2015 PLAYOFFS)

Lancers dominated this game from start to finish. This game allowed
Longmeadow coaches an opportunity to work in some of the underclassmen, getting them some early playoff experience.  The Lancers now prepare for Doherty High this Friday in Longmeadow.

Goals: Will Lukas (4), Kevin Hussey (3), Brian wiles (2), Max Stukalin (1), Colin McClure (1), Casey Samuelson (1), Isaac chase (1), Jude Bonavita (1), Nick Mauer (1), Spencer Robbins (1), Clay Moseman (1).    

Asst: Will Lukas (3), Kris Campbell (1), Kevin Hussey (1), Brian Wiles (1),Matt Gay (1), Max Stukalin (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Spencer Robbins (1), Tiernan Ashe (1), Sam Byrne (1)

Saves: Letendre (7)


LONGMEADOW 5 / NORTHAMPTON                               5/27/15

In a rain shortened game the Lancers complete their 2015 league schedule with a record of 17-3 after defeating Northampton.  Not much to write about in this 19 minute game but here are a few stats.  Face-offs Max Stukalin 7 for 7, 5 players each scored 1 goal and Matt Pierson had 3 saves. First round of playoffs start on 6/2/2015 with the Lancers hosting the Pittsfield Generals. 

Goals: Will Lukas (1), Max Stukalin (1), Colin McClure (1), Noah Skole (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Assists: Max Stukalin (2), Will Lukas (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (3)


LONGMEADOW  13 / WESTFIELD  6                                5/26/15

In a battle of rivals, the Lancers used a strong defensive second half to pull away from a stingy Westfield squad. The difference in today’s game was the goalie match-up.  Matt Pierson continued his excellent play and recorded 8 saves for the Lancers. Offensively the Longmeadow team had 7 different players tallying goals with Kevin Hussey accounting for 5 of the 13 goals. Next up is Northampton Wednesday in the season final game before playoffs.

Goals: Kevin Hussey (5), Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (2), Kyle Gagne (1), Colin McClure (1), Nick Crews (1), Noah Skole (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (5), Max Stukalin (2), Sam Byrne (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (8).



LONGMEADOW 18 / SOUTH HADLEY  8                                5/22/15

The Lancers got the offense up to speed early and often taking down the South Hadley Tigers by a score of 18-8. The Lancers improve to 15-3 with today’s home victory. The scoring was spread between 7 different offensive players. Freshman Noah Skole tallied 6 times for the Lancers on 8 shots. Sam Byrne did a nice job on face-offs and ground balls.  Overall a good warm-up for Tuesday nights game against the Bombers of Westfield.

Goals: Noah Skole (6), Kevin Hussey (3), Kyle Gagne (3), Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (2), Connor Ostrander (1), Brian Wiles (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (3), Noah Skole (2) Spencer Robbins (2), Max Stukalin (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Saves: Pierson (2), Letendre (3). 


LONGMEADOW 11 / AGAWAM  6                                              5/20/15

The Lancers were lucky today with an 11-6 victory over a stingy Agawam defense. Lancers held a one goal lead 6-5 going into halftime.  During the 3rd quarter Longmeadow out scored the Brownies 3-0 to take a four goal lead 9-5 which was enough for a hard fought victory.   Agawam dominated the face-off game winning 14 of 22 face-offs. Lancers were without starting goalie Matt Pierson, along with two other starters who were all out do to injuries.  I think Coach Campbell was just happy to get the win and start gearing up for rivals South Hadley and Westfield.   so they never Today’s game was deadlocked for 3 quarters and stayed that way until
Goals: Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (2), Matt DeMarche  (2), Noah Skole (2), Colin McClure (1), Kevin Hussey (1), Kris Campbell (1). .

Assists: Will Lukas (3), Max Stukalin (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Rocco Casaceli (1).

Saves: Letendre  (7)


LONGMEADOW 14/  ST. JOHN’S SHREWSBURY  6                     5/16/2015

Lancer play one of their best games of the year.  Defense was excellent and offense had many good looks on the cage. Defensively Kiernan Mulcahy, Nick Crews, and Pattie Abad were rock solid.  Offensively it was the Max Stukalin show scoring 5 times on 10 shots; along with winning 72% Goalie Matt Pierson saved 12 in goal for the Lancers. Next up the Agawam Brownies on Wednesday.

Goals: Max Stukalin (5), Will Lukas (3), Noah Skole (2), Kris Campbell (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Colin McClure (1).

Asst: Will Lukas (4), Max Stukalin (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Kris Campbell (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (12).


LONGMEADOW 19 / AMHERST  5                                        5/14/15

The Lancers got the offense up to speed early and often taking down the Amherst Hurricanes by a score of 19-5. The Lancers improve to 12-3 with today’s road victory. The scoring was spread between 12 different offensive players, all made possible by a number of different face-off men, who won 75% of their face-offs. Lancers now prepare to play St. John’s of Shrewsberry on the road this Saturday. Go Lancers!

Goals: Max Stukalin (3), Will Lukas (3), Kyle Gagne (2), Isaac Chase (2), Spencer Robbins (2), Matt DeMarche (1), Kris Campbell (1), Josh Goldberg (1), Nick Maurer (1), Kevin Hussey (1), Brian wiles (1), Tiernan Ashe (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (3), Casey Samuelson (2) Max Stukalin (1), Colin McClure (1), Noah Skole (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Isaac Chase (1).

Saves: Joe Letendre (5), Matt Pierson (1).


LONGMEADOW   12   /   MINNECHAUG     5                              5/11/15

What started out as a competitive game, ended up a tad bit lopsided.  The Lancers ended the 1st half with a 4-3 lead over the Falcons, but the 2nd half was a different story.  The Lancers went on an 8-2 run during the 2nd half, which was spearheaded by our defensive team including goalie Matt Pierson.  Sophomore Pat Abad picked off numerous balls heading for the crease which in turn lead to a few fast break goals.  Sophomore attackman Kris Campbell lead the team in tallies with 4 goals. Stukalin and McClure were solid on face-offs and goalie Matt Pierson played big saving 7.  Looking ahead the Lancers prepare for Saturdays match-up against St. John’s of Shrewsberry.

Goals:   Kris Campbell (4),  Max Stukalin (3), Will Lukas (2), Noah Skole (2), Nick Crews (1).
Asst:    Will Lukas (7), Max Stukalin (2).
Saves:  Matt Pierson (7).


LANCERS   11    PINKERTON  14                 5/9/2015

The action was back and forth on both ends of the field, with each team keeping the game tight, but at the end it was Pinkerton pulling away.  At the end of 3 periods it was Longmeadow 10 and Pinkerton 9. In the forth quarter the Lancers allowed a couple of soft goals, one by the Pinkerton goalie, which eventually was the straw that broke the camels back. Matt Pierson played superb accounting for 14 saves and a ground ball. Leading the scoring for Longmeadow were juniors Will Lukas and Max Stukalin netting 7 of the Lancers goals. Next up league rival Minnechaug. 

Goals:    Will Lukas (4), Max Stukalin (3), Noah Skole (2), Kevin Hussey (1), Kris Campbell (1). 
Asst:      Max Stukalin (3), Matt DeMarche  (2), Kris Campbell (1).
Saves:    Matt Pierson (14).


LONGMEADOW  10 / WESTFIELD   8              5/7/2015

The Lancers improved to 10-2 today with a hard fought win over the Westfield bombers.   Scoring today was balanced with 8 different players scoring goals.  Josh Goldberg came up big with some big face-off wins late in the game. Freshman Noah Skole scores a huge goal late in the fourth quarter to pull the Lancers ahead by 2 goals. Next up Pinkerton Academy Saturday afternoon in Longmeadow.

Goals: Kevin Hussey (2), Max Stukalin (2), Will Lukas (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Noah Skole (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Isaac Chase (1),Colin McClure (1).

Assists: Kris Campbell (4), Max Stukalin (1), Colin McClure (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (8)

LONGMEADOW 14 / SOUTH HADLEY 6                             5/4/15

Lancers improved their record to 9-2 this evening over an improving South Hadley team.  This game was quite the sleeper, both teams lacked intensity.  At this point in the season the Lancer are still struggling running their offensive sets. Longmeadow fans are patiently waiting for this plane to take-off. Colin McClure played a solid game with 2 goals, 4 ground balls and won 50% of his face-offs.  Big game Thursday against an undefeated Westfield team.

Goals: Kris Campbell (4), Matt DeMarche (3), Colin McClure (2), Kyle Gagne (2), Will Lukas  (1), Max Stukalin (1), Isaac Chase (1).

Assists: Max Stukalin (3), Isaac Chase (2), Will Lukas (1).
Saves: Matt Pierson (10), Josh Zak (3). 


LONGMEADOW  9 /  GLASTONBURY   8        4/29/2015

Tonight the boys showed up to play. In a hard fought battle the Lancers score the game winner with 1:03 left in the 4th quarter.  It was McClure to Lukas to Santinello who scores the 9th and deciding goal.  The 2015 Lancers seem to thrive in the unsettled situation always finding the open player. Payer of the game today was goalie Matt Pierson. Matt records 19 saves and scoops up two ground balls. In a big improvement the Lancers kept the turnovers down, allowing them to take 31 shots during the game.  The clearing game which led to many of the Lancers goals was solid thanks to DeMarche, Stukalin, Cotnoir and Crews.

Goals: Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (2), Dom Santinello (2), Kyle Gagne (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Isaac Chase  (1).

Asst: Matt DeMarche (2), Max Stukalin (1), Will Lukas (1), Dom Santinello (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (19).


LONGMEADOW 15 / CATHEDRAL  5                4/27/2015

It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win. After falling behind 0-2 early in the first quarter, the Lancers were able to painfully battle back to a 4-3 halftime lead. Leading the Lancers offense today were Will Lukas and Kevin Hussey each netting 3 goals. Max Stukalin and Colin McClure did a nice job on face-offs. The scariest statistic of this game was the 26 turnovers by the Lancers.  The Lancers are now averaging 15 turnovers per game. The Lancers now prepare for a tough battle against Glastonbury this Wednesday night in Longmeadow.  

Goals: Kevin Hussey (3), Will Lukas (3), Matt DeMarche (2), Kris Campbell (2), Max Stukalin  (2), Dom Santinello (1), Brian Wiles (1), Noah Skole (1).

Asst: Will Lukas (4), Kris Campbell (1), Kevin Hussey (1), Dom Santinello (1), Max Stukalin (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Spencer Robbins (1)..

Saves: Matt Pierson (8).


LANCERS LOSE TO SIMSBURY 5-10       4/20/2015

April vacation has not gotten off to a great start for the Lancers who just dropped their second game in two days.  After playing a sloppy first half and finding themselves tied at 4-4 you’d think they would be able to pull away from Simsbury in the second half, but not so. Longmeadow continued their sloppy play into the second half and ended the game with 17 turnovers in all. Lancers committed 5 penalties which led to 4 man-up goals by Simsbury. Offensively the Lancer only had 17 shot attempts for the game. Max Stukalin led all scorers with 3 goals and Matt DeMarche was the only player with an assist today. Next up Shrewsbury on Wednesday the 22nd of April.

Goals: Max Stukalin (3), Dom Santinello (1), Will Lukas (1).

Assists: Matt DeMarche (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (7).


LONGMEADOW 11 / SHREWSBURY 6        4/22/15

An improving LHS squad kicked it into gear in the second quarter and ended the 1st half with a 6-1 lead. After 3 quarters of play it was the Lancers 8-1. Coach Campbell took advantage of playing a young Shrewsbury team and got some quality minutes for many of the younger Lancers players.  Max Stukalin dominated face-offs winning 11 of 12 and picked up 13 ground balls along the way.  The Lancers continue having turnover issues something that needs to be fixed by the time playoffs arrive.  Lancers now prepare for undefeated Cathedral on Monday night.

Goals: Dom Santinello (3), Matt DeMarche (2), Max Stukalin (2), Will Lukas (2), Colin McClure (1), Kris Campbell (1). 

Assists: Matt DeMarche (2), Will Lukas (2), Kris Campbell (1), Max Stukalin (1).    

Saves: Matt Pierson (7)


LONGMEADOW 4 / BOSTON COLLEGE HIGH 11                4/19/2015

There’s not a whole bunch that can be said about today’s game.  The Lancer’s offense was stymied today by the Boston College defense. Defensively BC High was a step ahead of the Lancer offense challenging most every shot with excellent slides. The Lancer defense on the other hand seemed flat, allowing BC’s attackmen to look like All-Americans. All in all I know the 2015 Lancers are a better team than the scored showed today. Monday is another day and another team to prepare for. A bright spot today for the Lancers was their face-off game. Max Stukalin and Colin McClure won 11 out of 18 face-offs, nice job boys. Longmeadow now prepares for Simsbury Monday the 20th of April.

Goals: Issac Chase (1), Max Stukalin (1), Will Lukas (1), Dom Santinello (1).

Asst: Kris Campbell (1), Max Stukalin (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (7)


LONGMEADOW 15 / AMHERST 1                     4/17/15

The Lancers overwhelmed visiting Amherst 15-1. Longmeadow built up a 7 goal lead after one quarter of play and never looked back. This game allowed Longmeadow coaches an opportunity to work with a few new faces. Colin McClure handled the majority of face-offs tonight winning 7 out of 8. Dan Cotnoir and Joey Fratini made their presense felt on defense playing the body well and making aggressive stick checks. Offensively it was senior Kevin Hussey netting 4 on 5 shots.

Goals: Kevin Hussey (4), Kris Campbell (3), Colin McClure (2), Will Lukas (1), Casey Samuelson (1), Max Stukalin (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Kyle Gagne (1), Isaac Chase (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (5), Matt DeMarche (2), Max Stukalin (1), Kevin Hussey (1), Dan Cotnoir (1), Josh Goldberg (1).

Saves: Pierson (1), Zak (1), Letendre (8).


LONGMEADOW 17 / WEST SIDE 4        4/15/15

An improving LHS squad kicked it into gear in the second half and easily handled West Springfield by a score of 17 to 4 on a beautiful spring day. Coach Campbell took advantage of playing a young West Springfield team and rested many of his starters.  Leading the scoring this evening was attackman Kevin Hussey tallying 5 times.  Scoring was spread between 10 offensive players. Lancers now prepare for the Amherst Hurricanes Friday night.

Goals: Kevin Hussey (5), Will Lukas (3), Spencer Robbins (2), Dom Santinello (1), Max Stukalin (1), Brian Wiles (1), Noah Skole (1), Sam Byrne (1), Kris Campbell (1), Casey Samuelson (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (2), Kris Campbell (2), Noah Skole (1), Nick Maurer (1), Pat Abad (1), Pierce Leveillee (1).   

Saves: Letendre (2).


LONGMEADOW  8 / MINNECHAUG  5                4/14/2015

It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win. Leading 4-0 after the 1st period of play the Lancers went into a 2 quarter funk.  The 2nd and 3rd quarters were filled with turnovers, penalties, and in general sloppy play. The one bright spot during the game was the Lancer defense. They played smart and physical. There was not one Minnechaug player that was untouched going down the middle. Offensively the Lancer had a bad shooting day scoring 8 times on 33 attempts. Let’s consider today’s game as an off day for the Lancer offense and give the defense their due credit for today’s victory.  Next up West Springfield.

Goals: Will Lukas (2), Max Stukalin (2), Matt DeMarche (1), Kris Campbell (1), Dom Santinello (1), Colin McClure (1).

Asst: Max Stukalin (2), Will Lukas (1), Kris Campbell (1), Matt DeMarche (1), Kiernan Mulcahy (1).

Saves: Matt Pierson (7).


LONGMEADOW  9  ALGONQUIN 2        4/11/2015                               

Finally the season begins!  The Lancers entered today’s game with very little pre-season field practice and it showed.  The offense started off a bit slow but found some rhythm in the second half. Longmeadow entered half-time with a 3-0 lead.  Defensively the Lancers were solid.  Joey Fratini and Kiernan Mulcahy kept the crease clear all day, playing extremely physical throughout.  Offensively the scoring was spread between 7 different players, Will Lukas leading the way with 3 goals.  Max Stukalin and Matt DeMarche dominated ground balls accounting for a combined 9. Next up for the Lancers is Minnechaug.

Goals: Will Lukas (3), Matt DeMarche (1), Dom Santinello (1), Josh Goldberg  (1), Connor Ostrander (1), Isaac Chase (1), Kyle Gagne (1).

Assists: Will Lukas (2), Kris Campbell (1), Max Stukalin (1), Dom Santinello (1). 

Saves: Pierson (11).